Monday, June 28, 2010

Rules of Engagement

Staying focused this afternoon seemed completely impossible. I can attest that being engaged doesn't lend itself to high levels of focus and profitability; but, looking forward to getting your marriage license after work definitely makes matters worse. Yes, that is the point of this entire post - we got our marriage license today! Joe and Liv picked me up just after four this afternoon and we breezed off towards the courthouse. Although we were very excited and the very thought of our wedding coming to pass is a beautiful thought; signing a stack of forms, paying $68.00, and swearing that we weren't previously married or second cousins to each other was almost enough to take away the magic of the moment. But not quite enough! Even though Joe thought it was the most ridiculous and trite thing to do, I made him take a photo with me so that we could forever remember this special moment. Ahh, how sweet! We then floated off to get a quick dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant... which in return rendered us useless in "floating" anywhere else. Afterword we attempted to grab a quick coffee but were thwarted by the unpredictable business hours of the waterfront coffee shop. I'm thoroughly convinced that they are running a front for a major Colombian drug operation! Oh well, as soon as we turned the corner and saw two large wooden ships in the port and docked just around the corner, the thought of coffee was already far gone. Curiosity obviously got the best of us and we were off like a four year old chasing a red balloon. They were quite an amazing site to behold and we were quite awe inspired by the craftsmanship and details. After perusing the docks for a while, marveling at the two boats we headed back for the car. Other than Joe almost getting in a brawl with six teenagers because they said some slightly indistinguishable comment to one of us girls as they passed, the rest of the evening seemed to fade into the obscurity of daily eventfulness.

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