Saturday, June 12, 2010

O, I get by with a little help from my friends

Break of day dawned upon us with glorious rays of sunshine. It was obvious that this was to be a hot day. We took it easy throughout the morning, and of course could not begin any work on our house before watching USA in their first World Cup match against England. (Joe has already begun transforming me into a soccer fan- I think I see a new addiction looming on the horizon.) Once we’d seen the game’s conclusion, Joe & I headed to our house because we’d asked friends to volunteer to help us with some of our home renovation projects. Since the weather was so beautiful we decided on primarily outdoor projects- weeding flower beds and dismantling the fireplace/water fountain feature that no longer worked and was truly an eye-sore to our lovely patio area.

After the outdoor fireplace was dismantled, all the blocks and stones had to be hauled off to the scrap pile.

We also did a bit more painting indoors and completed a few small, next-steps for the living room fireplace remodel. But, truth be told, it really was too gorgeous a day for anyone to do much work. When a sunny, 80 degree day finally arrives here in Olympia, you have to capitalize on the moment.

Our helpers take a break and soak up some sun.

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