Monday, June 14, 2010

"Just Keep Moving..."

Well folks, its about that time of year again that I personally make a post on our blog; at least the blog that has my name on it and tends to meantion me a lot. This however is only due to the faithful updates from my wonderful Fiancee! By the way, did you know that there is a "Fiance" and a "Fiancee"? Look, I didn't know until I was sending Grace a note and spell check decided to confuse me. I have a Fiancee and Grace has a Fiance; and there is the full extent to my french. Where was I? Right, I wasn't anywhere yet! Then I'll start with current run down on our to-do list. As far as we can tell we only need to finish the upstairs bathroom (install vanity, top, sink, and toilet), two light fixtures upstairs (deal with 60 year wiring that was originally done by a nutcase!), patch the paint in the dining room and kitchen (from moving the new heaters around), finish the hearth, set fireplace, build bookshelves (Thanks Chris Willy!), finish hearth wall, and the all important last step - flooring (You da man Stef... and Tabatha who is really the one doing all of the work in actually finding us our flooring - your prize shall not be forgotten!). This list is everything that is remaining on my "What I promise will get done before we get married" list that I made Grace a couple of weeks ago. What happens if it doesn't get done? Hmm, not a good thought, maybe I need to post this blog as it is and go work on my house right NOW! No, the true reality is that the more pressure there is, the more friends you will need. And we have some GREAT friends! We are very blessed to be surrounded by many aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, cousins (some times way too many!), and many friends (both near and far) that are truely committed to both Grace and I; even to the completion of our house. This may be, if only in one form, the Lord appearing in his church as the servant of all. Which in turn creates, such as Paul became, "A debtor to all men".

Removing tile in the living room.

Grace, Ellen, & Crystal organized our garage.

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