Sunday, April 4, 2010

Help from designer Dad

The home improvement projects continue. So far there's been a lot of patching walls, and rebuilding walls where built-in shelves have been torn out, and repainting newly patched walls. We've also done a lot of 'invisible' work- this past week we had several heating, insulation, and fireplace people come take a look at our house so they could let us know what it'll take to install a proper heating system. All very important stuff although sometimes at first glance it can seem like nothing more has happened. But we've got some great solutions lined up. And getting everything set up and in place so that everything can happen it its proper order is all part of the process of fixing up a home.
Joe and I have decided (in light of our "old house mentality") to focus on an simple overall upgrade of new paint and new flooring throughout the home- just to make it clean and livable. We have come to the conclusion that owning a home is an ongoing project and we're willing to have a five year plan. Everything doesn't have to happen at once. The one place that we've decided to focus on right away is the living room. It'll sort of be a sanctuary of sanity.
My dad has been tirelessly devoting himself to helping us come up with the perfect design for our living room. First he drew up several different sketches. then we looked at a few books together to decide on the right look for our home. Next my dad took the measurements of the different walls and features in the room, then put them into a program Sketch Up, and created a 3D model of our living room so that he can add in all the new colors and design elements. This way we can see before hand how things will look and get an idea of how all the new elements will work together with the existing room. The main feature will be the fireplace. We're getting a classic wood stove to replace the battleship boiler that's currently gracing the room. The unsightly brick will be covered in a lovely stone veneer. A couple built-in book cases on the sides of the bay windows, some comfy furniture, and window hangings should complete the look. With help from my dad, and Joe and I more than willing to work, we'll soon transform this room from dingy and drab into a haven of comfort.