Friday, October 22, 2010

Red, Green, Handsome, & Handy

Ever seen the "Red Green Show"? Perhaps you haven't. It's a Canadian show, hence the humor is very... well, Canadian. And as the show says about itself: it's like the flu- not everyone gets it. Each episode features new and ingenious uses for the handy man's secret weapon, Duct Tape. Anyways, my post was not to tell about the Red Green Show. It just happened to come to mind because 'Red Green', the lead character, ends every episode by saying, "If the women don't find you handsome, at least they should find you handy." 

I consider myself doubly fortunate because my husband possesses both qualities- Joe is both handsome and handy. Joe is also still under the influence of the get-it-done mindset and so the handy man projects continue at our home (except we don't use duct tape). And once Joe has been  grasped by this mindset there's no turning back. Once the project is begun, he fanatical, and won't stop until things are perfect. I'm glad about this- glad Joe like things to be excellent. I am very thankful for our beautiful home and appreciate all the work he's put into it. Currently, Joe's favorite tool is his new drill. (I think the fun of finding new uses for his drill is part of the inspiration behind these upgrade projects.) 

Last night our evening included another trip to our favorite store- Home Depot, where we picked up a couple necessary materials. Back at home Joe drilled a hole in the wall behind the TV so that he could run the cords to a hidden electric source. He also mounted the DVD player on a small shelf just below the TV and ran those cords through the hole as well. No messy cords showing anymore. After that, Joe began weather-proofing our wood box using some type of foam insulator strips.

While Joe was working on these projects I was assembling our new coffee table. I like to help out with the home improvements and not just be a bystander.

It was quite late by the time we finished but now our living room is so well-organized and homey. We just sat on the couch for a while and enjoyed the fruits of our labor.


  1. Today after work Joe showed us your house, since we havn't been up there since your " red, green, handsome, husband" handied up your house with something much better than duck tape. Everything looked awesome:) The coffee table and lamp looked perfect! Us girls will have to do the same TV setup as you. Keep up the good work!!!!!
    Frome, Ellen

  2. You'll have to invite me over so I can see just how handy your handsome hubby is - you are talking about Joe right!!!! I know exactly how you feel about messy cords. I am constantly trying to fix that problem in my classroom.

    - Sue

  3. Hi Grace,
    Can't wait to see all your little improvements on your is fun working on "your own" house- we are working too...I think it would be nice to be living in our new home too though- so we can sit there at the end and enjoy...but I know patience, right? :) As we are starting to say..every little bit sure helps!
    I'm sure Joe loves home Depot our guys here dream about having one around the corner!

    Bless you,
    Jenny Jordan

  4. Grace - funny post!! Even though I talk to you everyday there are things we never get to; I like keeping up on your house improvements. I know what you mean I love that feeling of getting something done! We had a "get er" done day on Saturday and now that I'm getting back up to speed I actually felt like I was helping :) Bless you