Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One Project Closer

What do outlet covers, switch plates, vent covers, and towel bars all have in common? The power and ability to make me very happy! These items, though small, and to some seemingly insignificant, make a world of difference to me. Let me explain... Last night was home improvement night at our house. Joe was in a get-it done mood and I like to capitalize on these rare occasions. In the months leading up to our wedding both Joe and I were fanatically dedicated to our home remodeling and improvement projects. However, ever since we got back from our honeymoon we've not made much progress. But after three months, the gaping holes where switch or vents covers should be we really starting to bug me. So last night after dinner Joe disappeared for a while. When he resurfaced there was a towel bar hung up in the bathroom and the cover was put over the bathroom fan- I was ecstatic! And Joe was glad that such minor improvements could make me so happy. We also put switch and outlet covers up all over the house. We rearranged the hooks in the laundry room (the light switches are no longer hidden behind the apron rack) and we even got the large wooden dresser from my parents moved upstairs. Finally, we are starting to get things organized!


  1. Grace I totally understand. I am the same way I have endless lists of odds and ends that need to be done in our house and when Jonathan takes care of them it makes me so happy to see it done. Sometimes its the small lil things that our husbands do for us that mean alot. Enjoy still beeing on your honeymoon! Love you, Aunt Molls

  2. Hi Grace- I'm catching up on all your enjoyable posts and I have to say your blog is FUN to read. Each little post is like a little story!!! Your home is beautiful (of course) and I know what you mean I love getting things organized and upgraded. See you soon!

  3. Hi Grace, congratulations! It reminds me a little of the house we now live in: for the longest time (about a year and a half) we had a paper towel holder on the cupboard wall (it came with the house) and the folks in our house just always used napkins. Paper towels were unheard of. We weren't really 'paper towel people'. Finally by accident, someone bought too many paper towels for a window washing job. It was my golden opportunity and I took it. Now, the paper towels are displayed so proudly against the wall (on the holder) and the house looks and feels so much more homey. Ah, the wonders of paper towels, now we can't do without them. It's amazing what a little tiny upgrade does. :)