Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nikon + Lightroom = Awesomeness

Since Joshua's arrival, I've wanted to capture every special moment. The iPhone camera technology is amazing but it has its limitations. So I borrowed my parents' Canon T2i HD photo camera for a week and never wanted to give it back. It was amazing how beautiful the photos were! 

I became obsessed with the thought that I had to get a camera of my own. However, the great cameras come with even greater price tags and although I'd been diligently saving my money I wasn't sure I was ready for such a big commitment. But thanks to the encouragement of my husband and a great deal at Costco I finally made my selection- the Nikon D5100!

It was love at first click and I've been clicking away ever since. (Joshua is probably the most photographed baby of all time.)

Now that I had a camera of my own, I became obsessed with another thought- I had to get  photo enhancing software. (What can I say? The human heart is never satisfied; but it's for the kids so it's alright, right?) Though after splurging on my camera I wasn't ready for another hefty purchase. But I kept talking about it.

Monday night Joe surprised me by installing Adobe Lightroom onto my Mac for me! He was liking the daily photo updates of Joshua that I'd send to him at work so much that he bought the software for me as a special surprise. What a wonderful husband I have!

I'm having so much fun photographing Joshua and using Lightroom. I've chosen a couple of my favorites to share with you:


  1. Yes, you did it for the kids--I'm sure it was Joshua who wanted all the camera technology :-) Enjoy.

  2. Very nice Grace...what a blessing!!

    Nikon is a very good choice and from Costco, even better :`)
    I am little bias...I have a Nikon too..and I work for Costco... so two in one bonus.

    Joshua is getting big enjoy the "gifts" you've been given and have fun.