Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy First Birthday Joshua!

My wonderful son Joshua turned one year last Monday, on December 31st. What a wonderful first year it's been and how quickly the time has gone! He has already developed such a personality. He brings me joy at each of his new discoveries. He makes me laugh at all his antics. He keeps me busy chasing after him (what a fast little walker!). And often he frustrates me with all the disasters he causes; but even in spite of this I can't help loving him so much!

In honor of my first child's first birthday I wanted to do something extra special. I wanted to preserve my memories and Joshua wanted to eat cake so... my friend Naomi came over last week and helped me photograph my "cake smash" session with Joshua. I know it's a lot of photos, but this was the best I could do to narrow-down my selection of the best shots. There were just too many great pictures. I hope you enjoy them at least half as mush as I do ;)


  1. Happy birthday Joshua!
    From your friends, Eloise and Juliet

  2. What a fun mom. I mean the whole set up. :P

  3. These pictures are amazing Grace! I wish I had your talent instead of taking him somewhere to get these done for his first birthday! God has blessed you.

  4. Wow Grace! Good job! I know you posted this months ago but I'm just seeing these now for the first time. Haven't been keeping up with the blogging world :) It's amazing how life flies by when we're in the middle of everything. I think Capon calls it the "trenches" but they sure are a lot of fun :)