Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Photos of my little Forager

One of our nicknames for Joshua is "The Forager". The literal meaning of foraging is when livestock search for provisions. Joshua is constantly looking for provisions; anything that can go in the mouth will go in the mouth. For Joshua, an outdoor fall photo shoot means an opportunity to eat sticks, leaves, and grass to his heart's content.

Yesterday I tried following Joe's advice of not "posing" the shot (which by the way is nearly impossible with Joshua anyway) and capturing Joshua in his natural habitat.

Here's a couple of my favorite shots. Afterward, I played around with some recently downloaded, free Photoshop actions to achieve a vintage film look. 


No after-effects here. Just a close-up of my little explorer!


  1. Those are very keepers! When's it Violet's turn?? ;-)

  2. The little forager--what a great nickname. I thought that first photo had an old fashioned look to it, then I read that it does. Beautiful!

  3. Nice photos Grace! Elaine is teaching me how to set up a blog and comment~ it's fun learning!