Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cookie Inflation

As I was mixing up a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and saw that a regular recipe supposedly yielded 4 dozen cookies, I came to the following conclusions:

1.) The baking industry big-shots must make tiny, elf-sized cookies; not the abundant, giant-sized cookies my husband has come to expect.

2.) The baking industry big-shots must have missed out on the glorious liberty of picking in their dough before baking their cookies. (Why don't I ever have much dough left once I finally get around to the actual 'baking' step?)

3.) Or, they're allowing for modern-day inflation ;) Last decade's dozen is our modern day 4 dozen perhaps?

Anywho, these are just my random musings. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.


  1. 4 dozen? I've made that exact recipe and it gives me about 20 cookies or so, give or take a couple eaten in dough form. :P

  2. Grace, you couldn't be more correct, that is why when mom taught me basic baking techniques she always would say "These recipes were written to make us learn abundance, so let’s quadruple the batch!"
    Let me tell you, even then it still doesn't seem quite enough when you have as many brothers as me and they are gone in less then two days!That's when I took to hiding some just to make sure I got some. Ha, ha, ha! One time I hide about half a dozen of them and then couldn't remember where I put them. About a month later one of my brothers found them and asked mom to eat them. And he did!A bit stale but he didn't care, that was a gold mine to him.